becoming UX

Economics of Information



Where I started

Social Science

I’ve always wondered why people do the things they do. Economics helped me understand how we make decisions.

At the intersection of incentives, game theory and presentation, I’m passionate about how something calls people to act.

here I am

Organizing Digital Spaces

Usability is not a rite of passage. We shouldn’t force anyone to “learn to do it our way.”

I wanted to learn the science of information sharing and usability which led me to UT Austin and getting my MSIS.

I spend time understanding users, so I can tailor their experience. User experience (UX) is like my yoga. It’s everything and everywhere.



I have a B.A. in Economics from the University of California, Davis

I graduated Phi Beta Kappa and received the UCDavis Department Citation for Economics.


Graduate Program

I focused on Information Architecture & Design with my Masters of Science in Information Studies from UT Austin. I completed my experience at the UT School of Information with a capstone project for Union Metrics in the summer of 2010. My coursework includes design, management and usability:




  1. Structure – arrangements and patterns
  2. Affordances – actions that are physically possible that one is aware of
  3. Categorization – taxonomy, faceted classification
  4. Mental Models – metaphors and symbols



Course Info

Information Architecture

~theory / design of info architecture ~info to shape meaning, purpose, and utility toward understanding

Digital Media Design

design / production of graphic, audio, video, and multimedia materials, with emphasis on aesthetics and usability

Organizing Information

info organization, representation, and classification




Designing Studies

My experiments have benefited from learning A/B collection techniques and how to draw conclusions from my research.



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Research Methods

~social science empirical research        ~qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis techniques, including descriptive and inferential statistics


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Coordinating Systems

Managing both people and information is an art form. I specialize in:

  1. Support knowledge retention
  2. Leading information teams
  3. Aid in electronic asset retrieval



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Knowledge Management Systems

systems of knowledge assets

Managing Information Organizations

management theory, concepts, processes, and practices as applied to information agencies and systems

Electronic Records Management

systems for controlling recorded information 



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Usability / UX

The feel of the Experience

I can create an unbiased a study, and put my ego aside and make enjoyable experiences.

I’ve tested in a lab setting, conducted usability walkthrough panels and heuristic evaluations.



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user-centered design through the software lifecycle

Understanding and Serving Users

human-computer interaction, understanding client groups, information filters, information literacy and information-seeking behavior, as well as user studies and usability testing



I can teach yoga with my RYT 200 from Austin’s Yoga Yoga