A few examples…


Progress User Experience Research

UX consultancy focusing on the human side of tech

Most recently, I’ve been a consultant for Progress User Experience Research, leading user testing for icontrol Networks home automation software.

Progress UX Research and its clients were thrilled with the results of my work. They were able to use my deliverables to revise their products and websites and they have since profited from good usability.





Consulting for BlackRock

World’s largest asset manager 

For a space planning consulting project for BlackRock, I reunited with a team to create and execute a company-wide reorganization project to support a cohesive work environment.


EXL Healthcare

1 in 6 Americans touched by its health tech

As a UX Software Designer for EXL Healthcare, I refined requirements and prioritized UX in all designs to provide a great user experience in the medical field. I also lead their health and wellness program by coordinating events to support a healthy community at work.




My Experience Key


UX Research & Web/Software Design

UX data drives results and puts the product to the test. I am skilled at designing studies to find the truth. And the truth shall set you free. Every interface should be carefully crafted to meet the needs of who’s looking at it. I bridge the gap between the buyer and the seller (thanks, economics degree!)

Space Planning and Organization

I love to organize all spaces: real or digital. UX is flow. Ask me how I apply user experience to clear your clutter, increase your productivity and create your perfect space.

Product Management

I excel at being the intersection between business needs, user goals, and technical requirements. I can envision a world different than the status quo with the ability to articulate a clear path to get there.




Let’s work together.


Connect the dots by viewing my resume. You’ll see a passionate learner and observer who gets things done at a high level of accuracy. 


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What you may not see on my resume:

  • my compassion
  • my passion for health
  • my love for yoga (and a RYT 200 certification to teach it)





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